Since I was a kid, I remember myself fan of electronics and Telecommunications.

In the age of 12, I built a solid state radio station kit on 88-108MHz FM. On 70s in SV land that was a "pirate" station,

BUT the RF virus already hit me.

Since then, I always used to have a transeiver by my side; during my elementary and

highschool education, later on my studies in Technological Institute, afterwards when I joined army, I was on

Military TELECOMmunications and finally as a citizen on ham bands.

Bright pages (I beleive) in my personal history book, are when I was President of R.A.U.N.G.

(Radio Amateur Union of Northern Greece) an "ancient" Ham Club in GReece.

Another success of mine was to help my son Themistokles, to get his Ham liecense (SV2HQF),

in fact he was the FIRST ever 12 years old Radio Amateur in GReece, and that made me VERY proud.

We try to be present in any ham activity, JOTAs, FIELD-DAYs, CONTESTs, homebrew constructions etc.

team 1 team_1 HamFest 2009 team 2 team_stg frb5

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de SV2GWY / Demetreos

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