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Wellcome on board,

I am 47-year-OM. My YF's QRA Sophia & my son's Themistokles who is also a radioamateur, in fact he was the first ever 12-year-old and youngest Greek ham in Geece SV2HQF .

I live in a small village Tagarades close Thessaloniki (the 2nd city after Athens in popullation), by the way, Thessaloniki was the name of the sister of Alexander the GReat, the GREEK King of Macedonia. "Demetreus the Beseiger" (Demetreus o poleorketes) was also a Macedonian King, 30 years after the death of Alexander.
I own a small Security company, e.g. everything refer Alarm, Fire Detection, C.C.TV, Access Control Systems, Auto Vehicle Location. If you are interested visit my com web
locate me on google earth! (type sv2gwy-9 )
VOLVO C303 project

Base Station:block2
Transciever : ICOM IC-7000 (ALL bands/modes)
Power Supply : Diamond GSV-3000 (30A) - Battery 12V/18Ah backup
Linear Amplifier : ACOM 1000 (1kW+)
Antenna Coupler : CG-5000 (160/80m)
Ant Remote switch : military surplus
Coaxial : Aircom +ocf2
Rotor : Yaesu G-1000SDX
HFAntennas :
SteppIR 3el. 10/12/15/17/20m
SteppIR 1el. 30/40m
SteppIR 4 el. 6m
Inverted L 10+40=50m long: 80/160m shack1
Tower: Clark Scam 12m UK ex-military pneumatic telescoping mast
Computer : Desktop P IV 3GHz
Logging Software : Swisslog 5.8

mobile - portable Station (Field Days-Emergencies etc)
Transceiver HF/VHF/UHF: KENWOOD TS-2000(ALL bands/modes)
Transceiver VHF/UHF: Kenwood TM-D700E (APRS) (Qty 2)
Power Supply : Alinco MV330 25
Antenna Switch: Diamond CX-310
Aircell-7 (4*25m)
Tower1: Clark Scam 12 UK ex-military pneumatic telescoping 12mHeavy Duty mast
Tower2: Racal 1486-000 UK ex-military pneumatic telescoping 12m mast
Antenna Coupler: CG-5000 (160~6m/800W)
Rotor: Arm+STRONGlift
HF Antennas:
SteppIR 2 el. (6/10/12/15/17/20m) [plan to replace 5b HD SB]
Delta Loop 43m (160~6m)
12m SpiderBeam Fiberglass pole Vertical (80~6m),
Kite antenna 21m length (80~10m) + UK ex-military Ground Radial Kit (8 radials),
Spiderbeam 5BHD (10/12/15/17/20m)y_j
VHF 6m: 3 el. Yagi homemade (SSB)
VHF: Maldoh 8 elem (SSB)
UHF: ECO 20 el. Quagi
VHF/UHF: Diamond x-50
Computer: Notebook ASUS
Logging Software: SwissLog 5.8

Mobile Station
Transceiver: Kenwood TM-D700E
Antenna: Diamond SG7500

Kenwood TH-D7E
Kenwood TH-F7E
Wouxun KG-UVD1

Till now I have over 16.000+ QSOs and I participated in the following Special Calls:
SV2GWY liecensed on 2002 on line LOG
SX2A (Olympic Games 2004)
SY2004GWY (Olympic Games in Athens)
SX2P (100 years anniversary of Intercalated Olympic Games in 1906)
SZ2TSL/p (VHF Aegean Contest 2007, 480m ASL) on lone LOG
J42T participated on this Contest Team for the WW SSB (October 2007)
SZ2TSL/jota (50th Jamboree on the Air 2007) on line LOG
SY2TSL (35 years anniversary for Radio Amateur Union of Northern GReece) on line LOG
SX24.. Manager of the 21 Special Calls of Macedonian Monuments (14~22/6/2008), with almost 40000 QSOs.
SX24DRM, SX24HLK, SX24IMA, SX24KLK, SX24MGN, SX24PEL, SX24TSL Operator with 3132 QSOs
SX2FRB "FRIKTORIES" realive. 13/7/2008, Sithonia peninsula opposite Mount Athos
SX24STG FIeld Day'08 Portable STN in STAGERA, North GReece birthplace of ARISTOTLES, teacher of Alexander the GReat.on line LOG
SX2CM Manager and Operator for Saints Cyril & Methodius the "Apostles to the Slavs" on line LOG
SY43D Single Operator HIGH in CQ WW SSB CONTEST 2008 on line LOG
J42ARET operator in GLobalSET 2008(Simulate Emergency Test) on line LOG
SX2TMN Special Call for the IWM in Technology Museum "Noesis" on line LOG
SX8DI Men's style expedition in Penna Islet on line LOG
SX8DI/LH Men's style expedition Frini Islet on line LOG
SX2WFF Men's style expedition in National Park of Prespes Lakes on line LOG
SX2500M Special Event Anniversary for 2500 years of MARATHON battle & race on line LOG
SX0A Special Call for Special Olympics 2012 on line LOG

1st place in Single Op. in Field Day 2005 in GReece
2nd place in Single Op. in Field Day 2006 in GReece
1st place in Single Op. in Field Day 2007 in GReece
1st place in Field Day 2008 in GReece
1st place in Single Op. ALL BAND in CQ WPX SSB Contest 2006 in GReece
1st place in Single Op. on 80m in CQ WPX SSB Contest 2008 in GReece

If you really want my QSL card faster than via SSV Bureau, you will have to send a SAE with sufficient postage fee (2GSs or 1IRC) or even better, a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to the following address:







Keep smiling,

HPE 2CU OTA de SV2GWY / Demetreos