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We do not use this CallSign often, we rather prefer to activate Special Calls with prefix SX or SY, to give more value and emphasis to the place or event.



So you have to try hard to succeed: 


at least 3 bands (regardless mode) for the BRONZE,

at least 5 bands (regardless mode) for the SILVER and

at least 7 bands (regardless mode) for the GOLD.




Each Class of Award will be certified by  a colour sticker

There is no fee if the award and stickers are requested to be in electronic format. It can be sent on  pdf  format . 


QSL box


First check the on line LOG

- eQSL
- DO NOT SEND YOUR QSL card. We will send all QSL cards to each individual QSL Bureau. If you are impatient, use the direct way with SAE (Self Addresed Envelope) + sufficient postage fee (GSs or EURs) or 1 valid IRC, or even better, send us only a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope).
- For an AWARD, please send your detailed QSO list + a SAL (Self Addressed Label) + 10 EURs (or equal GSs or IRCs) to: 


Demetrius Anastasiades (SV2GWY)y