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__“we didn't inherite planet Earth from our parents..

...we borrowed it from our children!”__

(SVFF slogan)

WorldWide Flora Fauna in amateur radio programm, wants to draw attention to the importance of protecting Nature, Flora and Fauna. In this spirit, amateur radio operators setup and operate their radio stations from designated Nature Parks and Protected Nateur Areas whilist giving the ham radio community aninteresting activity to contact. WWFF is an International and NON-COMMERCIAL programm, run by the coordinators of a large number of National Flora & Fauna programms.

The Program was launched in 2008 and but uses the activity databeases of the participating members (containing activities from early 1995) as collected in the WWFF logsearch and builds upon the rules.

If you are "hunter" of a WWFF/SVFF Award you need to contact locations, possessing an official status of National Parks or Nature Reserves all over SV land (GReece), listed in the WWFF Program .



In the following WWFF/SVFF Directory you have a list from WWFF Database of National Parks and Nature Reserves throughout GReece. Also, during a QSO is provided a symbol, for example: SVFF-001, SVFF-002, SVFF-003, which corresponds to certain National Park or Nature Reserve. Moreover, the Internet site contains a DataBase (which is currently being filled up) that has an indication from which location one or another station works.

WFF Ref. No

Name of National Park

or Nature Reserve

SVFF-001 Ainos 38o08N/20o40E SV3
SVFF-002 Mount athos 40o10N/24o19E SV/A
SVFF-003 Mount Oiti 38o50N/22o19E SV1
SVFF-004 Mount Olympus 40o05N/22o22E SV2
SVFF-005 Mount Parnithta 38o10N/23o42E SV1
SVFF-006 Parnassos 38o35N/22o33E SV1
SVFF-007 Pindos 39o54N21o10E SV2
SVFF-008 Prespes 40o47N/21o04E SV2
SVFF-009 Sounio 37o43N/24o01E SV1
SVFF-010 Vikos-Aoos 39o58N/20o42E SV6
SVFF-011 White Mountains (Samaria) 35o15N/23o56E SV9

aenos athos oiti olympus parnitha

parnassos pindos prespes sounio vikos samaria


Except the above GReek National PArks, there are also National Forest Parks, National Seaside Parks, Nature Reserve and Nature Monuments etc that are under proccession, consideration and negotiations to be added (look at the map)SVFF 100



While having a QSO with the WWFF/SVFF expedition you are welcome to transmit also and two figures     "44"  which means “Forty Four = Flora Fauna”.

If the National Park or Nature Reserve territory includes a water area, and call-sign had extension “/mm”, it must be indicated on the QSL card and stated by this radio station for the WWFF/SVFF Database.


All HF Bands, 50 MHz and 144 MHz are valid.

Modes: CW, PHONE and DIG (RTTY, PSK31,…). However the QSO made through any type of repeaters will not be considered.

We only consider valid one activity by day.

All contact made from 1 April 2010 are valid and must appear on QSL card with number and name of Park, Reserve or Landscape. The numbers are attributed by sequential order of the responsibility of the award promoter.

It is not necessary the delivery of QSL cards at the award request, provided that the activation has been previously validated and activators has sent us logs from activity. However any HAM must be have these QSLs in case any of them can be claimed by the Award manager”.

Award Order:

There are three Awards levels, depending QSOs or SWL report 25%, 50% or 75% of SVFF different references.

3rd class - 25% different SVFF (for activators-3 activations)
2nd class- 50% different SVFF (for activators-5 activations)
1st class - 75% different SVFF (for activators-7 activations)

HONOUR ROLL - 85% different SVFF (for activators-9 activations)

(For now is percentage until the updated SVFF list)

Each Class of Award will be certified by  a colour sticker

HONOUR ROLL Certificate will be issued as separate Award

There is no fee if the award and stickers are requested to be in electronic format. It can be sent on  pdf  format .

Send us your log with QSOs information. It can be printed on this web site in AWARD section  .

Before any request, ask information by email.

Operators who active minimum number references required for obtaining award, will be attributed award with no cost (FREE).


To all who activate a reference they will be given this reference, but need to work 144 stations for the activation to be considered valid. Please send us the logs in electronic format (ADIF).

Activation must be inside the physical limit of the Park.

They should be sent copies of any licence, pictures or videos with stations and operators. Please send any Picture that proves the location.

One “Team Photo” is welcome to be published on web site.

All valid operations will be listed on web site and if possible all logs will be on-line on our website.


To receive your AWARD in a hard backed envelope, send your detailed QSO list + Self Addressed Label + 7,oo EURs (or equal GS or IRC) to : y

Demetrius Anastasiades (SV2GWY)




More info about WWFF programm