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  REAL Tend-Generator "Radio Activity" 28~31/8/2009


This time, me and my son and other hams, in men's style DX pedition, we were QRV from one of the Drenia islands. These are 6 uninhubitend islands, four of them are rocky, and are between Ammouliani Isl. and Ouranoupoles, the last city before the Monasteries of Mount Athos.


Drenia islands are: Artemis (=Godess in Ancient GReece), Penna (=pen), Fiti (or feta=slice), Parthenos (=virgo) and Frini (=famous courtesan of Ancient GReece ; there is a lightbeacon on it, that we will try to activate, as SX8DI/LH)


Administratively, Ammouliani and Drenia Isls, are part of the municipality of Stagira-Akanthos , that we were portable expedition during Field-Day 2008 with SX24STG .


Our camp was established in Penna Isl.(40o 18' 43.22''N 23o 57' 50.74''E), second in surface after Artemis, with few trees on it (less than 10), but with plenty of noise from seagulls (soundpollution [hi] , it is their shelter, we are just visitors).

 sx8di back no convert


HF/V/U TX-RX: V/U/HF [4 pcs]), HF/6m [1 pc], V/U APRS [1 pc]

Bandpass filters: 8 individual bandpass filters

Linear Amp: ACOM 1000, blown RFC the first day, so we were "barefoot" :-(

Antenna Rotator/Tuners/Couplers: ARMstrong/ LDG7000 (3), LDG897 (3)/ CG5000 (1), CG3000 (2)

Antennas: Wire Yagi 5B (1), 12m Vertical+GRK (2), 42m Delta loop (1), 82m OCF dipole (1), Diamond X-50 VHF FM (1).

Power: Switching PS (5 pcs), Fuel Generator 3,5kVA (1), AC Stabilizer 5kVA (2), 12VDC/55Ah PdO (2)


QSO box:

First check the on line LOG and also SX8DI/LH log

- eQSL
If you are impatient, use the direct way with SAE (Self Addresed Envelope + sufficient postage fee, 2GSs or 1 valid IRC), or better a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to SV2GWY
Demetrius Anastasiades (SV2GWY)
28HS OKTOBRIOU 3 St. Tagarades