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Ss Cyril & Methodius "Apostles to the Slavs"

A branch of SV radio-amateurs who were born or live in North GReece, honour the two Saints, Cyril and Methodius who were also had the same birthplace, Thessaloniki.
We were QRV in all dates that Christianism feast and honour the two Saints, Cyril & Methodius:monk


Both brothers were born in 9th century, they deticated their lives to Christianism and marked history, because they invated the "Cyrillic Alphabet" to translate several Christian religious documents, from Greek to Slavic.


Slavic people live in Former Russian, Czechoslovakian and Yugoslavian Republics, and also Poland and Bulgaria.That is the reason they are called "Apostles to the Slavs".

To speak in ham language, these are the prefixes:
UA (Eu Russia), UA2 (Kaliningrad), UR (Ukraine), EU (Belarus), OK (Czech), OM (Slovakia), S5 (Slovenia), 9A (Croatia), E7 (Bosnia Herzegovina), 4O (Montenegro) YU (Serbia), Z3 (F.Y.R.O.M.), SP (Poland) and LZ (Bulgaria).


14 and 15 of February,9 and 10, 23 and 24 of May, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of July 2009.

Especially on 4 and 5th of July we also participated in the VHF Aegean Contest with
Long:22.95262E (22o 57' 9"E)
Lat: 40.6115N (40o 36' 41"N)
QTH locator: KN10LO
AWARD - QSL info
The first 100 with most QSOs claim to gain a blessed "komboskini" from Mt Athos (list of QSOs in dif. bands/modes + ? euros/$$/IRCs ).


QSL box

First check the on line LOG

- eQSL
- If you are impatient, use the direct way with SAE (Self Addresed Envelope + sufficient postage fee, 2GSs or 1 valid IRC), or better a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to SV2GWY
Demetrius Anastasiades (SV2GWY)
28HS OKTOBRIOU 3 St. Tagarades