In the Museum, except the Radio Amateur equipment, we are planning to install a PC Server supporting:


1. Weather Station (Oregon WS-200A + Virtual Weather IP edition)

2. APRS digipeater w/Kenwood TM-D710 (438.100MHz/9600bps)

3. Echolink w/Kenwood TM-V71 (431.175/88.5 node:498063)

4. DX Cluster w/Kenwood TM-V71 (144.625MHz/1200bps)

5. Real Time 4ch pro CCTV (Mt Hortiatis & Olympus, Airport MACEDONIA SKG, shack)


During our "Radio Activities" in Technology Museum NOESIS we use one or all of the following 3 stations:


(8) Bandpass filters Dunestar camp1


1. Yaesu FT-897

Alinco 30A

CG-3000 Antenna Tuner

Vibroplex CW key

Aircel7 25m

 43m Delta loop + 12m fiber pole


2. Yaesu FT-897 hrj_1

Alinco 30A

SB-2000 digi interface

Aircel7 25m

OCF 82m dipole


3. YES (Yankee's Emergency Station)

Icom IC-7000

 SignaLink (digi)

Acom 1000 xi

LDG AT-7000 Antenna Tuner

Kenwood TM-D700E

Yaesu G-250 Rotor

5el. VHF beam

Aircel7 25m

5B HD SpiderBeam

Aircel7 25m