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73s 2 AL de SV2HQF,

My name is Themistokles (ancient Athenian Admiral), I am 20 year-old and now I am student in the Technological Institute (Electricity Engineering) and I was the first ever 12 years-old liecence d radioamateur in Greece. frb3

My father is also a radio amateur SV2GWY who is always by my side, helping in ham activities.

I participated as 2nd operator in the following Special Events:
I was also  with my father as a 2nd operator in:
Field Day 2005,
Field Day 2006,
Field Day 2007,
Field Day 2008 (SX24STG)

Here you can see my QTH

hq eu174 hf5bhqf1 fr1 hqf hqf_box sw2hqf_sx24stg
CU OTA as 2nd op.