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Friktories 13/7/2008 - Bridges of friendshipfrb5

This time we responsed in RAAG's proposal and took the responsibility to activate the SX2FRB. In fact, in the ancient years the original place was on Mt Athos peak, but it was imposible to get the permittion.


So we looked for an alternative place, close to Mt Athos, and that was in the opposite peninsula, called Sithonia. The results were excellent also in tests and of course during the Fryktorias.




frb4 cars 1 frb3 sv2gwy_sx2frb tx_frb xi etc



Ham Radio tracks the fall of Troy

An ancient Greek system of communication with fire from torches above mountaintops was called 'fryktories' from 'fryktos' that means 'the torch' in Greek. On July 13th 2008 and after 3200 years, Radio Amateur Assosiation of Greece (RAAG) members in collaboration of Turkish Amateur Radio Association (TRAC) members, will be climb up on the same mountaintops (Greece & Turkey) and will transmit through the ham radio frequencies a message from ancient city of Troy (located N.W. Turkey) up to the ancient city of Mycenae (located S. Greece) using special calls for each mountaintop in order that the original message will be passed through.


The same mountaintops are mentioned from Aeshylus in his drama 'Agamemnon' and they are the ones that brought back to the city of Mycenae the message that Troy has fallen into the hands of the ancient siege army.


The transmitted message will pass along the nodes on the 2m band from one station to another.


The special calls that will be used through this event will be:


1) TC3TROY, Turkey, Ancient Troy.

2) TC3IDA, Turkey, Ida Mt., 1800m asl.

3) SX8FRA, Greece, Lemnos Isl., St. Athanasios Mt., 333m asl.

4) SX2FRB, Greece, Chalkidice, Itamos Mt., 811m asl.

5) SX8FRC, Greece, Euboea Isl., Makistos Mt., 1236m asl.

6) SX1FRD, Greece, Boeotia, Messapio Mt., 1021m asl.

7) SX1FRE, Greece, Attica, Kitheron Mt., 1409m asl.

8) SX1FRF, Greece, Corinthia, Geraneia Mt., 1396m asl.

9) SX3FRG, Greece, Argolis, Aracnaio Mt., 1199m asl.

10) SX3FRH, Greece, Argolis, Ancient Mycenae.


Every special call station will have at least 2m SSB/FM capability with yagi antennas. Before and after the event, every special call station will be trying to make as many QSO's as possible in various HF/VHF bands. Also during this day is expected that many other hilltops around Greece will be activated on 2m band from other greek and foreign hams that will join the event.


QSO box:

QSL cards for all QSOs for this expedition, will be sent via SV bureau, which is also the QSL manager.