International Museum's Day May 18 2010



The THESSALONIKI SCIENCE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY MUSEUM "NOESIS"  is a welfare, non-profit cultural and training foundation that promotes Technology Culture and creates an appropriate environment for informing the public of the latest developments in Science and Technology.
In the Center's premises visitors see, understand, act and assume roles, intervening in the learning process through: shows in the digital Planetarium, the Cosmotheater and the virtual reality Simulator, Exhibitions related to Science and Technology, Meetings and Discussions with members of the scientific community.
Moreover, it has also developed Digital Lab for multimedia productions, Library, as well as a Conference Center.
Cellbrating the International Museum's Day on 18th of May 2010,  our team installed a portable station to show the neccessary equipment and the procedure of a QSO, and also in the Presentation Room via a projector the history and developement of Telecommunications and HAM Radio to students of several Elementary Schools of North GReece.
Coordinates: 40o 23' 42''N, 22o 59' 42''E GL:KN10LN CQ:20 ITU:28


HF/V/U SSB TX/RX: Icom 7000,

V/UHF: Kenwood TH-D700 APRS

Power Supply: Alinco -330

HF Antenna: Dleta loop 43m +antenna coupler

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