(de + con) * STRUCTION = destruction + construction = HAM Radio


listed by time order:

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21. 80m End Loaded Trapped Dipole above steppir's boom 


20. 12m ex-military Light   Duty push-up    telescopic mast


19. 12m ex-military Heavy Duty pneumatic telescopic tower



18. CI-V interface for ICOM

schematic_s parts_s wiring_s qrv_s


17. KEY for PA (Power Amplifier): for Kenwood transceivers

key parts_1 parts_2 parts_3 qrv ota


16. Tigertronics SignaLink USB: Simple & useFULL mod, 4 EZ switch btwn Ic-KnwD

mod1 mod2 mod3 mod4 knwd ic


15. Delta Loop 80~6m: Convinient contruction & package, special 4 "/p"

ac d1 delta loop


14. SpiderBeam 5BHD: Convinient construction & package, special 4 "/p"

hd1 hd2 rolls fed y_j sb1 5b1


13. HF Amplifier: homebrew w/GU43 (still under construction)

gu3 gu2 gu1 box2 box1 ....


12. YES: (Yankee's Emergency Station): Everything for Emergency, on a DL military case

box1 image_045 image_047 box5 box2 hqf_box box3 box4 yes1


11. Bias Tee: Convinient KIT 4 antenna couplers

schematic metrial ready hqf jordan couple


10. OCF dipole 160/80/40/20/17/12/10/6m : 82m length, effective & inexpensive

ocf_windomocf1 shack_1 antennas1 ant1


9. Digi interface: "cheap 'n shick"

s_card_sv2gwy sc1 sc5 sc4 sc3 sc6


8. LogPerioDicArray: military antenna 2~6m mod

lpda compact detail gwymeasures hqf lpda lpda up sky


7. 40 & 80m Half slopper + GRK (Ground Radial Kit): VERY EZ ! 4 low bands

ant1a tower2 lift tower1 beam sunset1


6. Y's shack: "when the going gets tough, the tough get going"

spaggeti2 3-1sw1 s1 rs1 rs2 rsc10

l2 blown l1

pa1 fan fan2 2k1

lba3 awl1 awl


5. AM RX stn: student's homework

mw mw2 mw1 mw3


4. 4 el. LPDA 40m: HUGE & KILLER

fed lpda 5b1


3. ARDF LPDA: 4 Spys & "jammers"

att_plan r att_in att1 feed qrv hqf_lpda


2. CW key: EZ KIT 4 "kids"

cwkey f1 in f2 cw1


1. 10/20/15/40/80m trap dipole: effective inverted "V" dipole

wire 80trap1 monotiras balun vaggy