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SVFF Activators

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You don't request to SV Coordinator, to permit or prohibit you 

to activate a SVFF Reference Code... UNLIKE ...



 .. his primary role is to showcase and promote the idea of ​​WWFF, ie the awareness to protect the environment through amateur radio and this is done by installing a Portable ham-radio station inside a National Park, a  Nature reserve,  a  wildlife sanctuary etc and conduct QSOs.


   You know the game, is familiar and similar to IOTA, SOTA, WLOTA, Castles  etc .... and everyone get emotions and wins  AWARDS.


As many SVFF you activate, or you have in your log, so bigger score to claim two (2) kind of AWARDS.  One for Hunters and one for Activators.  Chose the field suits you and QRV ! 


  In all cases, if a SVFF-xxx has been activated before, DOESN 'T MEAN IT'S DELETED.  Instead, there is a  lure, a motive to "break" the  yardstick and prove that you can do most!


 Pick up from the map, or in "google earth"  the SVFF-xxx that suits you, you like, you are interested about, discuss it with your “gang” and “roads & skies are wide open” !



<<<    effort should be requite .. so rules and tips about AWARDS for Activator's can be found here    >>>



 As WWFF SV-Coordinator, following the rules of WWFF programm, chosing interesting ideas from other FF National programs, and also personal opinions, to confirm as valid a SVFF activation, necessary are:


- to infrom with details the WWFF International Council and forum (OPTIONAL):

(You can activate any SVFF without informing the SVFF Coordinator, but at least do it by yourselves in WWFF AGENDA)

   1. SVFF-xxx ( ref. No)

   2. Callsign of activity, personal /p or Special Callsign (optional)

   3. Dates of activity (at least 4 days before activation)

   4. Aproximated place of radio station (to verify if it's within the limits of Nat. Park )

   5. Callsign(s) of operator(s)

   6. Details about Equipment (transceivers, antennas, power supply, log, etc.)

   7. operating bands and modes

   8. QSLn route.


- the validity of the mission 

   1. Few photos during the installation of the station (shack, antenna, etc.) and during operation.

   2. Audiovisual material (youtube) on the internet (optional)

   3. Tickets fares etc for your entrance or your routing to Nat. Park (optional)

   4. Anything else you think documenting your presence in SVFF ref.No.


 - the Final confirmation of a SVFF activation when: 

   1. Follow the above

   2. It helps to use the frequencies that are known as the Flora and Fauna frequencies:
       Phone: 3.744, 7.144, 14.244, 18.144, 21.244, 24.944, 28.444
       CW: 3.544, 7.024, 10.124, 14.044, 18.084, 21.044, 24.894, 28.044
 When CQ-ing it is ofcourse important to mention the park reference.
 When people pick up your signal you are likely to be spotted on a cluster. That really helps getting attention to your activity.

   3. The activation of a SVFF reference must be with at least 73 contacts at a time more than 144 minutes broadcast. 

   4. ONLY for QRP activations, manage at least 44 QSOs REGARDLESS the activation time.

   5. If for any reason, the number of QSOs, or the time limit couldn't be managed, there is a chance to fullfill the rest WHENEVER it's possible.

   6. In case of gorup activation, the limit of QSOs is is 144 in 4 hours, regardless the number of participent.

   7. In 24 hours period can be activated max three (3) different SVFF, with at least 44 QSOs for each reference, regardless RF power. 

   8. Simultaneοus SVFF activation with other radio-amateur programs with different subject, NOT ONLY ALLOWED, BUT IT IS RECOMMENED!

ie. if in a mountain's peak there is a castle and the same time is a wildilife refugee, then the activation could be triple: SOTA, COTA and SVFF

Unpleasant surprise was the appearance of a WWFF clone-program also having references from "protectedplanet".

This global bad taste patent, is not legitimate and at least for SVFF it is considered unacceptable.

To avoid misunderstandings it is recommended, WWFF and POTA references of a specific place, not to be activated simultaneously, but on different days.

  9. Send the QSO log (ADIF) for further upload to WWFF SearchLog, as followes:


callsign @ reference YYYYMMDD




CALLSIGN: the callsign that was "heard" ont he air

REFERENCE number of the protected area: in four (4) digit without DASH between letters and numbers

DATE: month and day in two (2) digits


SV2CNE @ SVFF0122 20170218.adi
SV1_SV3IEG @ SVFF0211 20170226.adi
SZ8ARC @ SVFF0104 20170226.adi


For Group Actvation, send individual Adif for every operator.

   9. email a sample QSL card 

 10 . send few pictures of the expedition for posting on this website. (optional)


 "Special treatment" would accept National Importance areas.


 To simplify the above procedure, use the "EZ emails 2 admin" or just download and fill this file and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (sample of doc.) 


For valid SVFF activations in WWFF programm, the rules are here

ALL Logs will be ACCEPTED and forwarded to WWFF LogSearch regardless the QSO and time limit, only if the transmisions took place inside the Protected Area.

If some Logs or time of activity are not within specifications, additional QSOs would be accepted with NO TIME LIMIT.


 If you are going to use a Special Callsign, it's proposed (optional) the form:  SVxxFF, where "xx" the ref.No of the SV Flora Fauna location, eg SV68FF for ref. No SVFF-068 in lagoon of Agios Mamas.


  The new Law about Radio Amateur Application Fees, says that a Special Callsign costs at least 16,oo€ for one operator and 10,oo€ more for each subsequent operator for one month period (callendary).


Additional cost is also the QSL cards route.Of course there is also the FREE WAY of "eQSL" and "LotW"



              the best motive, is good mood and good company ...


                                                                                          ... have fun, display, promote the beauty and uniqueness of SV land





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